Windows Server 2003 and SQL server 2008

Started by LCL, August 17, 2009, 11:08:53 PM

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Just looking for some advice, I currently have windows 2003 servers running at three of our remote plants, they are setup as basic file and print servers although they are also domain controllers and link back to head office through a dedicated WAN.

I have now been informed of the need to run SQL server 2008 on these remote servers. My experience with SQL is limited however I am aware that it will try to monopolise the resources as much as possible.

My question is this a situation that process lasso will help with?
I'm guessing it is, but would like to double check and get some other viewpoints before I jump in and install it.



Anyone have any opinion whether on if Process Lasso will be able to tame SQL server 2008 on an average spec server  ???