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Process Lasso v3.64 released

Started by Jeremy Collake, August 18, 2009, 03:16:12 PM

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Jeremy Collake

This version improves CPU Throttling support, improves the user interface display under customized Windows themes, fixes a few minor bugs, and makes other general product enhancements.
Revisions in this version:     

  • Addition.GUI: Added '*' beside process priority classes to indicate whether Windows dynamic thread boosting is enabled for that process
  • Addition.Installer: Added start menu shortcut for TweakScheduler and Vista Multimedia Scheduler Configurator, in Advanced sub-folder of ProcessLasso group
  • Change.Core: Improvements to CPU Throttling (re: not ProBalance out-of-control process priority adjustment, the actual CPU throttling feature)
  • Change.Core: Governor now accepts /ConfigFolder=xxx on the command line. Previously, regarding the configuration file, it only accepted /ConfigFile=xxx to indicate the full path and filename of the INI configuration file
  • Change.Core: A command line provided argument now supercedes any global configuration and log path indicated by the registry
  • Change.Core: Log entries milliseconds time expanded to 3 digits always
  • Change.GUI: Some other minor string and cosmetic changes
  • Change.GUI: Use the system theme window background and text color for process list view (others we were already)
  • Change.GUI: Improved core engine inactive system tray icon
  • Change.GUI: Improved main window appearance with customized Windows themes
  • Fix.Core: Fix to governor command line handling of /ConfigFile
  • Fix.GUI: Elevate permissions to launch TweakScheduler and VistaMMSC from GUI in UAC environments with PL running with normal permissions
  • Fix.GUI: Re-launch governor after successful activation of time limited trial builds, since the governor would have terminated due to being expired
  • Fix.GUI: Some adjustments to new external process command line support that first appeared in v3.62
  • Fix.GUI: Fixed lower (log) listview header disappearing briefly in XP
  • Fix.GUI: Fixed a little wasted space below log list view
  • Fix.GUI: Fixed issue where when updating product from some old versions of Process Lasso, child window positioning problems could occur
  • Fix.Installer: Fixed /language=x command line parameter for silent installs not always working
  • Fix.Installer: Fixed Windows 7 application compatibility warning ('this program may not have installed correctly..')
  • Change.Installer: Changed filename case of setup executable, for impreved readibility
  • Change.Localization: Updated Serbian translation
32-bit build:
64-bit build:
Pro build:
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