Firmware rebuild for WRT54GL v1.1

Started by amidamaru, September 21, 2009, 06:08:27 PM

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I have recently purchased a WRT54GL v1.1. I soon realized that with 4mb the functions i need can't be found in regular prebuild images from dd-wrt site. So i decided to rebuild it myself. I start reading the wiki section on and found about the firmware mod kit. I find the idea amazing btw :) - very good work. What I am trying to accomplish is to build my own dd-wrt with functions I want - I need the std-nokaid version + openvpn + mmc and ipv6.
The first thing i did was to read all the docs for the firmware mod kit and started working my way, but now I am stuck.
Below is the steps I made in order to complete the task:
1. Download the firmware mod kit from the svn
2. Download the dd-wrt-std-nokaid from the is the image that is recommended for the wrt54gl v1.1)
3. Run ./
4. Downloaded the packages I need form
5. Run the ./
6. Run the ./

Afteter that I used one of the created firmwares to flash my router and here is my problem:
I input the file in the web interface and hit upgrade, but after 10 sec my router rebooted and nothing has changed. I tried with other firmwares but no success.
So I am asking if anyone can help me achieve my goals.
I used Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Server with all dev tools for the compilation of the firmware.
Also I found image that is very close to what i want but some features were broken - I am talking about the DD-WRTv24 custom build by CrushedHat.