Disable Logs / Limit Size

Started by aleksandr, July 05, 2014, 06:53:20 PM

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It is taking way too long to figure out how to do this via google search and help docs. In the manual.pdf I am told "You can disable it to save a little more system resources." but there's no indication of how to do this.

How do I disable logs or limit the number of logs?

Jeremy Collake

I would advise not worrying with it. It isn't going to make any real difference. The overhead is nearly immeasurable and low-priority.

BUT, it is in the 'Options / Log Settings'. Apparently there is a little bug where disabling ALL logging doesn't completely disable logging, I'm working on that. However, individual log entry types may be turned off. For instance, you could turn off process creation/exit logging, which account for a majority of log entries.
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