PEchksum update?

Started by Chainsaw, August 12, 2008, 10:42:47 AM

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I just downloaded PEchksum a couple days ago to finish hackng sfcfiles.dll in Win2kPro,SP4.

The program gives incorrect checksums according to Win2K, for any file I run it on. 

Test 1 - drag a random bunch of files out of system32 into a temp folder.  Run PEchksum on them, watch it report "correcting" every checksum.

Test 2.  drag these files back to system32, watch SFC replace them with unmodified ones.

Test 3.  put the modified files in dllcache as well as system32, SFC demands the install disk.

Test 4.  hack sfcfiles.dll, compute new checksum, observe that the SFC process refuses to start with an obscure error that Microsoft attributes to a certificate verification failure.

With the forums gone, I can't tell if it has been "updated" for Vista or something.  Any info?  Any idea where to get one that works for Win2K?

Jeremy Collake

This happens because Window 2000's imghelp library returns differing checksums under different conditions. I don't have an immediate solution for you.
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