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update time

Started by edkiefer, August 08, 2014, 07:18:08 PM

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I noticed in last 2 beta's or so the update time is much longer , this is time for progress bar to hit 100% and time till PL restarts .

Before the wohle process would only take a few sec, max , now just getting progress bar to 100% must be about 2x-4x the time as before .

I'll see what happens on next update .
Bitsum QA Engineer


And also congrats for reaching 700 posts. :D

Jeremy Collake

Hmm, I may have changed the block size that it downloads at a time.. that *may* have caused a change to the progress bar and overall time required. More likely, it's server bandwidth/load. Please let me know what you observe this next update, and I'll keep an eye on it as well.

I've been going through v6.9.1.0, which I'm pushing on out, and was horrified to find text discrepancies in the Server Edition and am just generally disappointed in a lot of the product's UI.

A lot gets broken in minor incremental maintenance, that's the bottom line. Years of it have had a deleterious effect on the overall product. I mean, it works great, nothing serious - but cosmetically it's awful.

To help prevent me from once again starting 'must have latest code out now!!' type development, I'm going to schedule new final versions on <b>Fridays</b> only. That doesn't mean I'll release a new final every Friday, but will only release new final's on Friday. This will help a bit to slow me down even when I want to release a new final quicker.

I appreciate you guys helping me test, it's very difficult to review one's own work!
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.


ok, Just did auto update with  v6.9.1.0 and everything is fast again so not sure what happened .
Maybe server had BW issues or something .

Seems fine now, only took a few sec  for whole process .
Bitsum QA Engineer

Jeremy Collake

Cool, thanks!

Yea, must have been the server. Bandwidth fluctuates.

This release should be pretty solid, I didn't get deep into additional work, wanted to keep it stable. Just fixed up some dialogs at the last minute here.

Now going to move directly to the NEW product(s), whose release will most likely precede Process Lasso 7.0. It's basically a rewrite and repackaging of what Lasso has to offer - which has been needed for some time. Current licensees will get free licenses for new product(s), so that they don't feel cheated.

Mantra this time is 'Keep it simple'. After all, Lasso can continue to offer up the advanced capabilities.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.


Yup, the download speed still 30-40kb/s for me, but at least the patch is small. :)

And here is the traceroute.
QuoteTracing route to []
with 32 bytes data (60 bytes IP) over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1   129.695   62.526   24.241   []
  2     9.441    8.790    9.399   []
  3    44.247   14.871   17.286   []
  4   194.381  193.585  193.910   []
  5   189.365  189.486  189.974   []
  6   230.609  229.424  239.869   []
  7   231.762  236.007  230.528   []
  8   236.446  237.605  235.747   []
  9   243.561  244.123  243.979   []
10   232.966  236.009  233.213   []
11   237.367  233.856  261.362   []
12   250.240  237.155  236.628   []

Based on the latency, it can be the bottleneck on the Backbone, Teliasonera International Carrier.
Or the fiber between MY and EU.
'Keep it simple', but the core is still not simple. ;D