Idea - smartphone website that check for computer information via PL?

Started by BenYeeHua, September 09, 2014, 06:23:59 PM

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As you may know, cFosSpeed support checking the current connection and the status window(like download/upload speed etc) via website and also via the Internet(if the user set the password for access).

So ya, If Jeremy interesting on creating on Android apps, or I should said that, a webpage that allow the user to browsing via other computer/smartphone, to monitoring their computer or servers, it should be useful. ;)

The hard thing is to create a mini server on another PL service process that create a webpage UI that support smartphone and computer resolution, so it don't affect the main process's memory usage etc for other user that don't need this function, or it crash itself without crashing the Governor. :)

Jeremy Collake

It'd certainly be cool, but my days are busy enough for the time being :). Maybe someday... It is something that has crossed my mind before.
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Yup, it is cool, but it may only server user will using it(and they might having their own remote monitoring tools too), or user that having many computer, or user that letting the computer to convert video etc.

But anyways, before creating this function, you should do some research on similar software that also provide remote monitor function, so make sure there is not too much competitors that can do better(like not only can kill processes, having much user friendly UI), having more user than you, and also it is free or not etc. :)

Or just nah, ignore them and do what you like to do. 8)

Jeremy Collake

There are always competitors. If not now, then later.

It usually comes down to hard work. Lots of people have ideas or want to compete, but who does it best.

We'll see :). I'm sure there are some other apps in this space.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.


Yup, most of the time it is depend on which one got less bug/more stable than the other, how many information/control can it provide, and support more device.
(like website based solution will support most of them, but it is a issues to support many difference browser and the power consumption) :)


Pulseway (formerly PC Monitor) has been on the market for years. I use it. It works well and has a pretty broad feature set.