Virtualbox vs ProcessLasso

Started by Skrell, September 28, 2014, 04:15:39 PM

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I'm currently using PL on an winxp sp3 machine which works great most of the time helping keep my system feeling "responsive"...except when i use virtualbox.  When virtualbox is working in the background no matter what my mouse and interactions studder along...   Is there a reason for this?  And is there anything i can "tweak" in PL in order to help PL along?


I don't use Virtual Machine, but I know VM love to getting all CPU as they want.
Did VM process running with difference Priority?
If it is, then Process Lasso with default config will ignore the processes, which causing lag.

It can also be your Memory is not enough, which is nothing Process Lasso can do, as it is a hardware limit.

Jeremy Collake

Sorry, I missed this post.

Is ProBalance taking any action on VirtualBox processes? You'd see such in the log, if it is. If it isn't, then perhaps it should, but isn't for one reason or another.

I've noticed that disabling core parking makes a huge difference for *me* when running virtual machines. So, do that, if you haven't, via ParkControl (in Options menu).
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