Errors attempting to use the automatic upgrade

Started by redearl, October 14, 2014, 10:57:10 PM

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I get the attached errors messages when I attempt to use the automatic update.
I have looked at all the security and group policy stuff I can find and I still have the issues.
This has been going on for a while, but getting tired od having to download manually.
I've attempted to right click run as administrator and that does not work either.
I'm running Windows 7 professional, Sp1, and all current patches. It is running in a workgroup.

Any Ideas?


Do you have CryptoPrevent installed? If so, just whitelist the affected .exe.
If you have no CryptoPrevent installed, then you have a program that modifies group policy settings.


Thank you for the reply - I DO NOT have CryptoPrevent installed that I can find.
I will keep looking at the group policy's.

Jeremy Collake

As I understand it, CrytoPrevent changes your local security policy to prevent execution from %appdata% and other common 'temporary' paths.

Someone may have made this change manually, or CryptoPrevent was run without your knowledge.

IMHO, it's overkill. Many legit applications execute code from those locations.

I may refactor Lasso to use a different location, though that may have caveats of it's own.

If you are part of a domain, you may have to ask your network administrator to change the security policy.

Otherwise, run 'secpol.msc' .. and find it somewhere. Probably in the 'Software Restriction Policies'.
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Jeremy Collake

I've just changed the storage location for the update exe from a subdir of %appdata% to a subdir %programfiles%, so hopefully this won't happen as frequently in the future.

For now, follow guidance in my previous post to resolve this restrictive security condition.
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Why not use %TEMP% - the current user has access to that folder.
would that not eliminate the issue?

Jeremy Collake

If %appdata% isn't allowed, then I'm sure %temp% isn't either.

Since Lasso is always running elevated these days, I was able to make this real simple - it uses a subdirectory of it's Program Files folder (or wherever it's installed).
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.