How to activate Hyper-threaded core avoidance

Started by Agony, January 01, 2015, 12:28:00 PM

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Hi all,

I wanted to test the effects of disabling hyper threading while gaming on my PC. I saw that Process lasso advertised that it has this. After installing it, I could not find it anywhere and there is no mention in the manual. I tried googling it but couldnt find an answer. Could somebody enlighten me? Thanks in advance!


Yes, right click on the Process that you want to avoid it, then CPU affinity - Current(choose Always if you want to always apply it) - Avoid non-physical cores. :)

Just saying, the low performance for HT might be workaround by disabling the Core-Parking, you may want to try this one than just avoid the HT. ;)

Jeremy Collake

Sorry for the old docs. That's a work in progress.

Right click on a process and select 'CPU Affinity', then you will see it in the submenus of 'Current' or 'Always'.
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