Updates continue to minimize any fullscreen apps

Started by gman68w, October 26, 2014, 02:10:32 AM

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An oldie from the v4.x era (perhaps since before, but that's when I got on this train), the automated update process minimizes any games/applications running in fullscreen.

It also seems to wait until the machine is no longer "Idle" before checking for updates. For example, if I leave my machine on over night, PL will update (if an update is available) the second I move my mouse.

Jeremy Collake

I'm sorry this was never addressed. It's an edge case that just never got much attention, but when it does happen to you, I'm sure it's frustrating.

At the very least, starting in all future builds, I'll suspend any update if Gaming Mode is engaged. Then we'll go from there.

This is a time when Lasso is rapidly improving, so is a good time to have brought this up.
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At least something is done, rather than no workaround.
Maybe you can detect some software is full screen mode, then not running the updater? ;)

Jeremy Collake

I checked the code and I worked on this before long ago, but don't think I gave it as much thought as I should have. These adjustments to the next beta series, which hasn't been uploaded yet, will probably help.

Yes, I will probably add a full screen app check as the final solution. not check for updates when Gaming Mode is active idleness check before update is allowed frequency of update checks
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Hooray! Progress Lasso!

Yeah, it's frustrating, but not vitally important, obviously. Fortunately, all the full-screen apps and games that this has been happening with have a neat feature that causes them to drop into the Pause Menu whenever it's minimized.