Can't make power plan setting for cpu parking stay set

Started by Michael Z Freeman, October 30, 2014, 11:28:11 AM

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Michael Z Freeman

Hi, I just bought Process Lasso so I might be misunderstanding something here.

When I go to Options -> Configure CPU core parking, I set parking to disabled for both AC and DC. This is on my Razor Cortex power plan. However after shutting down and rebooting the settings are back to their default next time I go into ParkControl.

1. Why can't I get the settings to "stick" for that power plan  ?

2. Where is the manual for ParkControl ? I've looked at it's web page but there is not a full explanation of the functionality and interface, although I did find out that "AC" and "DC" are mains and battery, but that's buried in the explanation on that page for the command line way of doing this.

BTW, Process Lasso is great piece of software 8) Windows should have had this built in the first place seeing as its sold as gaming platform.


Are you sure Razor Cortex(that software) don't change the Power Plan back to their settings? ;)
You can check for it by checking the Event Viewer, it will record any change for the Power Plans.

Michael Z Freeman

OK, I don't know what changed but the power plan now keeps the parking settings.


Maybe just check the Event viewer, it should telling you who stop doing that. ;)