The Sony Vegas ProBalance Challenge (or Sony Movie Studio and similar)

Started by Jeremy Collake, January 06, 2015, 04:27:12 AM

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Jeremy Collake

This challenge is to show off the real-world impact of Process Lasso's ProBalance on PC responsiveness during high CPU loads, even on a modern PC bought yesterday.

In this example / challenge ...

The 'save' operation of multimedia rendering is CPU consuming. As many editors know, saving multimedia can keep you waiting FOREVER.

During that time, you will want to use your PC. ProBalance will help you do that. And the time to save the multimedia will NOT change! It doesn't take much to respond to CPU and mouse input, and that is what Lasso takes from the background processing.


WITHOUT Process Lasso or ProBalance enabled:

  • Open Sony Vegas
  • Load decent size multimedia file
  • Make some random changes
  • Click Save
  • Use your PC. Notice how laggy it is.

WITH ProBalance enabled do the same. See if the last step (using your PC during the save) doesn't change! You should notice an AMAZING difference in PC responsiveness while you have this background load.

NOTE that you must click away from Sony Vegas before ProBalance will act on it. This is a setting of ProBalance, to exclude the foreground process.

What is YOUR experience? Certainly, be honest. We think you'll be shocked and amazed, but perhaps some PCs behave differently. Any feedback is appreciated!
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