Help with firmware Zoom H2

Started by Linsengemüse, January 15, 2010, 02:51:47 AM

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Dear all,

using bitsum firmware modification kit, I tried to modify the firmware of my digital audio recorder Zoom H2. However, the tools cannot uncompress/open the firmware file. Unfortunately the manufacturer does not give any information about the OS he's using nor the hardware. Maybe someone in this forum can give me some hint what else to try?
You can find the firmware at

Tanks a lot

Jeremy Collake

Yes, it doesn't support that firmware format. This isn't something I personally have the time to go and do, though perhaps someone else does. I have no idea how difficult it may be, not having looked into the firmware image format more. It could be extremely time consuming and difficult, or perhaps its slightly less time consuming. Either way, its far too much time and work for me to engage in.

If anyone else works on this, feel free to let me know and we can add support to the FMK.
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