Process Lasso Pro Shuts Down

Started by clcooper, March 01, 2015, 03:22:03 PM

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Today I just updated Process Lasso (PL) to current retail build after a long period of having not used PL on this computer (win 7 64).  I then activated the pro version with my code.

PL freezes after a couple of minutes and then shuts down.  This has happened repeatedly today with both on startup and a manual startup of PL. 

I tried to download the debug program referenced on another thread, but the 64 bit workstation version link did not work.  So not sure how to get you a debug file.

Thanks for your help, and excellent program.


Jeremy Collake

Sorry for the troubles, let's see if we can figure this out.

First, what security software do you use? Inteoperability issues with those are the #1 issue, so I gotta ask this first.

EDIT: Note that by 'shut down', I assume you mean the system tray icon disappears, but the 'processlasso.exe' and 'processgovernor.exe' processes remaining running.
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