Default priority not 'sticking'

Started by jack6128, February 04, 2010, 02:09:54 PM

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I came across Priority Lasso while searching for a means to permanently set the process priorities for programs that I use. One program that I use resets the process from my choice to Normal. I caught it in the act. When the program first begins loading, Process Lasso sets the priority to Above Normal, my default choice for this process. The program is still loading at this point (takes about three seconds to load). Somewhere at the end of the loading process, the program resets my preferred default choice back to Normal. However, if I manually reset the priority to Above Normal the priority sticks and the program runs smoothly, even when other CPU intensive programs are requesting large amounts of CPU time.

So what I am wondering is, could the setting of the default priority by Process Lasso be either delayed by a determined amount of time or repeated after a determined amount of time? I'm sure there are other programs out there that are in need of such a feature.



Found the solution:

Configure default priorities...
Check 'More strictly enforce default priorities'

Default priority 'sticks'

Jeremy Collake

Yes, glad you found the solution ;). Some processes change their own priorities. When this occurs, Process Lasso does not try to fight with them unless Forced Mode is enabled. Generally speaking, if a process changes its own priority, it may be doing so for a reason. So, take caution on forcing priorities to change.
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