High CPU on rundll32.exe

Started by parkd1, April 14, 2010, 05:06:54 PM

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The seem that Process Lasso know the high CPU on rudll32.exe but does not show it on the list. I do see it on the Windows Task Manager.  Odd that rundll32.exe does not show. What is rundll32.exe? Think that is has something to do with the graphic driver. When I run Diablo 2 it does not show either but has low CPU. I have to run Diablo twice to get it to show. When I quit Diablo 2 both the rundll32.exe and DiabloII.exe stay in memory. What I found odd was when I run South Park Game It when not show on the list too but will not be in memory when I quit it. At first I thought it might be an update I installed. Now I think it is do to the graphic driver I have installed. It is the Nvidia 197.25 it is beta drive. I will check the forums on that version to see. Just odd that these program do not show in Process Lasso but do show in Windows Task Manager. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit.


Update. There is a new update of the graphic drive out and it is not beta so I am going to give it a try and see if that helps. The is the first time I have had any problems with the drivers.

Jeremy Collake

RUNDLL32.EXE is a Windows utility that allows for launching code that exists within a DLL. That basically means it can be executing anything. It all depends on the command line. Check the command line to see exactly what it executed. In the process command line, the path of the executed DLL should be present, and this will tell you what it is associated with.

The reason its not visible by Process Lasso is probably a permissions issue. Process Lasso skips processes it doesn't have full rights to manage. The process may have self-protections. Checking the 'Manage all users' item in the 'Main' menu *may* cause it to show in Process Lasso. If the process does have self-protections, it may be part of some copy protection or malware (hopefully not)... or it could be something totally unrelated.

I hope this helps my friend.

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Thanks. I got it to show it. When I kill it the games load right up so not thinking it is the graphic driver any more. I will see what I can find out why it is keeping the CPU around 48%. Thanks for the help.