Many Google DNS in the world are down

Started by BenYeeHua, October 13, 2014, 07:39:01 AM

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Look like many Google DNS server are down, based on Traceroute, Google has re-route it to other Google DNS server to resolve this issues after 30 mins of downtime, so it is a bit high latency(100-300ms), and might having issues for providing CDN server IP address.

So far I only found that Malaysia(lowyat) and Japan(2ch) are talking about this issues, and people on Lowyat has reporting it is resolved, as it is re-routed by Google. :)

Interesting, I wonder why it is down. ;)
Just checked, it is down for:
Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Jakarta

But all of them has been re-route by Google to a place that is 100-200ms, it should not be US, but EU?

If I am right, the Google DNS server that I normally connect is Singapore or Malaysia, as the latency is very low for me.
Not sure why it will down, will like to hear about it from Google. :)

Jeremy Collake

Interesting, I missed this. Thanks for the heads up. Though these days I use OpenDNS /w DNSCrypt. It bothers the hell out of me that DNS queries are sent plaintext.
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And it can be changed by your ISP, Firewall and also some other Free WiFi that need you to login.(even many of them are just changing the HTTP respond code to open their login page) :P

Anyways, here is the "small" respond, no detail info about it...


it has been re-route by Google to a place that is 100-200ms, it should not be US, but EU?
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Hmm, look like the bot has been smarter, but too bad, you still need many improve. ;)
Or I guess it is half-human? :D