Author Topic: PECompact v3.02 released  (Read 17643 times)

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PECompact v3.02 released
« on: February 26, 2010, 08:05:46 PM »
This new final build of PECompact makes a few small fixes, and does some product polishing. Detailed changes are listed below.

  • Fix.Core: Fixed issue where debug directory entry wasn't completely cleared when stripping of debug directory was indicated
  • Addition.Plugins: Added a new loader that does not execute any code from writable dynamic memory allocations (pec2ldr_no_rwx_mem). This is useful in various situations.
  • Change.Plugins: Updated IsDebuggerPresent plug-in by BoBSoft
  • Change.Licensing: Extended trial period to 30 days to give users time to evaluate product
  • Change.PEHideText: Increased size of encrypted text marker to ensure no accidental collisions with random code and data. This makes the new version incompatible with the old version, so be sure to get the latest PEHT lib.
  • Change.PEHideText: If key not supplied on command line, then a random number is used.
  • Change.Loader: Minor maintenance
  • Change.Loader.Slim: Slim version of loader tweaked a bit
  • Change.Loader.Enhanced.Anti.Debug: Added new anti-debugging capabilities (note: EAD loader is a seperate purchase)
  • Change.Loader.Enhanced.Anti.Debug: Added new anti-dump capabilities (note: EAD loader is a seperate purchase)
  • Change.Updater: Consolidated all locale specific update checker resource files into main resource files
  • Change.Docs: Some formatting and content updates
  • Change.All: Removed cs_cpl (language selection) DLL, library is now statically linked
  • Addition.Installer: Added help, about, and publisher links for use by the OS
  • Fix.Updater: No longer shows update check dialog if 'never check for updates' is selected
  • Change.Installer: Reduced total install size
  • Fix.Installer: Improved uninstall procedure to properly clean up the newly renamed default PECompact start menu folder
  • Fix.Installer: Fixed rarely used 'Visit Bitsum Tehcnologies' start menu shortcut
  • Fix.Installer: Fixed missing PEC2CodecSDK.h for CODEC SDK (registered build only)
  • Fix.Installer: Fixed scrambled Swedish EULA

Download trial
Download registered build
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