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Verification error Teltonika RUT 500 Router

Started by Routing guy, March 20, 2015, 03:16:45 AM

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Routing guy

Hi, I did extract the original firmware modified it and created a new firmware file, when i try to upgrade the router with the modified firmware an error message appears "MD5 verification failed. This means that flash image is either damaged or not compatible with this router". The router firmware is a modified version of openwrt. Any solutions or ideas how i can create a firmware file with a correct MD5 checksum using firmware mod-kit or similiar software?

Kind Regards

The Routing guy  :)

Jeremy Collake

Never heard of that brand, don't know about their images. I wish I could say it's likely you'll get help, but probably not.

You, or someone, will have to identify the checksum and make appropriate changes to the firmware 'rebuild' such that it is correct.
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Routing guy

Thanks for responding,

the router has a Ralink RT3050  CPU, any idea if there is a similiar CPU used in the supported devices of your mod kit? Or could you explain how the mod kit is building the header for the firmware in detail and where you got the code to construct the header. Im aiming for the firmware-tools folder of your firmware mod kit.

Sorry for all this question and my bad english  :P

Kind Regards

Routing guy