Best settings of PL for a minimalist user

Started by Armsan, June 19, 2015, 06:43:26 AM

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Hello all,
I´m a very minimalist user. My audio single PC is Windows Server 2012R2 OS based. I have it tuned with AO 1.31b in core mode. I only use JPLAY 6a and JPLAYmini. I use TotalCommander 8.51. Have also emm labs DAC driver installed and Renesas USB 3.o driver for JPLAY USB card. Nothing else.
I have PL 8.2 installed. It works in core mode perefctelly.
Which settings in PL do You guys suggest for such a minimalista scenario?
Best Regards.´


Did you read this yet

So I would say install it as service ,since your on server OS .
The defaults should work very good out of box .

Edit: If you don't have any audio app in foreground you could maybe try enable/disable "ignore all foreground processes" in Probalance settings (options>probalance settings ) , but see what Dev's say on this one .
default is on , so maybe try it off , but overall defaults are good .
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Thank You edkiefer.
Already done that. Installed as service.
I was thinking more what about prioritys, game mode, cores, etc. Should I tune only JPLAY Service or also JPLAYmini.exe and JPLAYSettings.exe?
Do I need to do something at governor.exe, or it´s always at PL GUI?
Best regards.


Ok , you don't need GUI to always run or run at all .

Its only needed to make changes or monitor processes .

The governor does all the work .

I think your good to go , you shouldn't need to set affinities or priorities as PL will adjust the other background ones .

You could exclude your audio ones ,but I am not real familiar with the app you listed .

Wait for Dev's , he will know more on this .

Edit: the game mode lets you set a process so PL focuses on this as primary process and sets a high performance power profile , it doesn't have to be a game process but with your list I am not sure which of your apps to set .
you could try your main audio player software , if there one doing the actual playback .
If system is mainly used for audio play you could set the player to higher "above normal" priority , but I wouldn't go crazy with priority and definitely not affinities unless you run into trouble/issues .
Again default should be good start point, there always room to tweak stuff once you have baseline .
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OK I understand now.
Many thanks for your helpfull share.
All the best.

Jeremy Collake

Configuration changes are always made through the GUI. You don't need to do anything with ProcessGovernor.exe itself, as it just enforces the rules and algorithms of Process Lasso.

As for specific JPLAY settings, they will vary for every PC. We've seen some examples at JPLAY.EU's forums of people's ideal settings. Sometimes it's best not to tweak anything else at all, as too much tweaking can be detrimental. Other times, you may want to make CPU affinity changes, for instance to every other core to make sure your audio load is separated to truly distinct physical CPUs.

For now, unless there is a need, I would suggest a minimalist approach. Changing no settings is quite fine, and ProBalance will work to help keep JPLAY and Audio subsystems of the PC responsive.
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