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Started by Hilas, July 01, 2015, 07:33:10 PM

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Which of the following images do you like best?

After reading the topic, I'd choose image #1.
2 (50%)
After reading the topic, I'd choose image #2.
1 (25%)
After reading the topic, I'd choose image #3.
1 (25%)
After reading the topic, I'd choose image #4.
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 4


Hello, Lasso's users!  ;)

Before kindly asking my question to you, and since it's the first time I'm participating at Bitsum's forums, let me first introduce myself! My name is Hilas, I'm Brazilian and my main role here is to help Jeremy to introduce Process Lasso in Brazil. By the way, it's been an amazing experience to work with such a great and honest person!  8) I hope we all have excellent interactions!

Given the context, let's jump into the main question! As we are about to publish a welcome message to Brazilian members at Bitsums's Facebook page, we would like your help choosing the best banner for us! Please note that they all are only drafts and we can count on your suggestion to improve them. Also, the images aren't the most professional, but one of them should do their job.  :)

Let's go, then:

#Edit 1: Forgot to say they all mean "Welcome, Brazilian users!". :)





Just to give you guys some other comparation, this is Brazil's flag. It's basically composed by green, yellow, blue and white.

Please vote in the above poll and help us choosing the most attractive banner to Brazilian users!  ;D



It seems like image #1 is the winner!

Thank you all for the help!  ;)