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Started by DAOWAce, July 05, 2015, 07:17:36 AM

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Tried to search, but didn't see anything really relevant.  I've got a bit of a niche request.

I've been using PL for a few years now and have accumulated quite a number of processes in my config that I had set to run only on physical cores (such as games).

Last month I upgraded to an x99 platform; a quad core CPU to a hexa core (both with hyperthreading, of course).

All the processes in my config are still limited to 4 cores.  I thought "oh, well I'll just select them all and tick the extra 2 boxes".  Unfortunately, I was let down; you can't select more than one process.

My request is to allow a bulk change of default CPU affinities for processes already in the config for the rare times this happens.  As it stands I'd have to change every single one over individually, which is incredibly tedious for the couple hundred processes I have saved.

Edit: I've found I can do a simple 'replace all' in a text editor as a workaround (find 0;2;4;6 replace with 0;2;4;6;8;10) when editing the config file (%appdata%\processlasso\config).  This saved me having to individually change them all, though it would still be nice to see an option for this in the program in future.

Jeremy Collake

You do know you can select multiple processes in the GUI, right? Then act on them all at once with a right-click, to set the CPU affinity or what-not. Does that help at all, or is it missing the point of the request?
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