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Started by BoB, April 24, 2010, 07:04:54 PM

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Is there any way to make the profile keep the URL of my avatar ?
Cos everytime the profile is edited, the URL is wiped and I have no avatar, and have to type in the whole URL again ..  Would be good to at least have the last avatar URL printed, so I could copy + paste it, if not actually save the URL ;)


Jeremy Collake

There's certainly a way - though it may require me to hack on the forum code a bit, something I'll likely not ever get to as I don't already have a great familiarization with the forum code. If there is a setting I come across, I'll certainly change it, but don't anticipate finding one. It seems development of SMF has slowed a lot, with v2.0 stuck perpetually in beta and most fixes simple security issues. I suppose that's typical of free software ;(
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.


Hi Jer,
It doesn't matter really, it's not often that anyone would need to change their profile.  I just thought it was strange that the url was not kept :)

Sad to hear that the SMF development has sopped, I guess there is a lot of competition.  The new vBullitin forum is beautiful, but I've no idea how much they charge for forum software, it's not something I've ever bought :)
Still, I like this forum. It's just the profile thats a bit confusing, everything else is great :)