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Started by gamesturbator, August 26, 2015, 02:17:04 PM

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Sometimes I have to scroll through a MOUNTAIN of processes to locate something I need to access immediately (something I have to kill usually). It would be so nice if you added a search box above the list of processes  where we can just type the name or location of a program or it's relevant process to immediately select it. Thanks.


You know you can sort the name of processes from A-Z by clicking at top "process names" .
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If you don't mind, I (or other moderator as I am busy for this week) can move this to the correct board, which is "Feature Requests" board.
And also changing the title so it reflect the feature that is requesting like "Asking for search feature for running processes" :),46.0.html
In the meantime, you can just type the first word of the process, and it should bring you to the nearby processes that has the same first word. :D
Quote from: edkiefer on August 26, 2015, 03:03:18 PM
You know you can sort the name of processes from A-Z by clicking at top "process names" .
Normally I choose memory usage, as I know it is always biting a lot of memory. ;D

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A filter like I have in the log isn't that hard to add and is something we'll absolutely have in v2 of the Process Lasso GUI, which I'll announce in time!

Until then, it's probably unlikely I'll add a filter to the current UI, though I *might*. I'll definitely keep it in mind, as I do agree it's useful.

As an aside, to any readers (I'm sure you know), users can start typing a process name in the listview and it will jump to that process. Just like in any other Window's listview. So, to find notepad.exe, I'd just start typing 'notepad.exe'. Depending on running processes, it'd probably find it in the first one or two characters. Of course, after a brief delay, it resets the search to a new word.
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