Park Control knocked out by PL update

Started by bertie97, November 09, 2019, 03:52:01 AM

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Not a huge deal, just something I don't recall seeing before.
I ran the update to beta & the PC icon disappeared from the notification area. 
Checked the PL process list to see if it was running & it wasn't, restarted it & no problems.
So this is just an FYI.

Thanks for the continued efforts on PL Jeremy, really like the dark skin & the new layout has given me some fun trying to figure out where my favorite selections have gone...  ;D

Jeremy Collake

Thanks for the heads up! I will make an adjustment going forward, but you probably won't see it happen again on updates from final and later. It occurred when the Lasso GUI didn't gracefully close itself, causing more aggressive behavior by the updater.
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