ParkControl Pro crashes when right clicking

Started by offchu, April 01, 2016, 05:01:17 PM

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ParkControl Pro crashes when I right click on the tray icon.
Windows 7 SP1 x64


That is strange, works here fine (Win7 64bit).

Maybe Jeremy will want dump if you can find it.
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Jeremy Collake

That's odd. It really isn't doing anything when you right-click on it's tray icon. I suspect there is some other application that is a factor. If you check the Windows Event logs, Application logs, you can find the crash details and see what module it occurred in. If it was something other than 'ParkControl.exe' or a system DLL, then that may yield a clue.

I just had a thought... it could also be language related, not all the languages get equal testing. You could also try switching to English *if* you find that the crashing module was indeed ParkControl.exe
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Odd. No problem if run via Sandboxie.

Hatalı uygulama adı: ParkControl.exe, sürüm:, zaman damgası: 0x56faeef0
Hatalı modül adı: ParkControl.exe, sürüm:, zaman damgası: 0x56faeef0
Özel durum kodu: 0xc0000417
Hata uzaklığı 0x000000000001de84
Hatalı işlem kimliği: 0x3d68
Uygulama başlangıç zamanı: 0x01d18c628bf0904b
Hatalı uygulama yolu: C:\Program Files\ParkControl\ParkControl.exe
Hatalı modül yolu: C:\Program Files\ParkControl\ParkControl.exe
Rapor kimliÄŸi: cd2c796c-f855-11e5-b0f5-005056c00008


I wonder what the cause is.

in sandboxie - OK
in safe mode - OK
with clean boot - Crash
with disabled security programs - Crash
with disabled shell extensions (non-microsoft) - Crash

Jeremy Collake

Sorry for not responding sooner, I need to monitor our own forum more diligently.

I'm going to create a special build of ParkControl that has minidump support. This should direct me to the problem so we don't have to guess about the cause. I'll post again when I have it created and uploaded.
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So nearly 2 week since last post, any news? :)

Jeremy Collake

This has been fixed in ParkControl v1.0.2.2 , now available. If anyone sees it continue, do let me know. This build also has minidumps enabled, so if there are any further crashes, I'll be inundated with reports ;). I think we're good though, knock on wood.
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Jeremy Collake

Quote from: offchu on April 22, 2016, 01:59:38 AM
Thank you, no crash anymore.  8)

Great to hear ;). From now on ParkControl has minidumps enabled by default, so if any crash occurs, I will be inundated with dumps. Haven't had any so far, and don't expect to.
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