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Started by Turion, October 04, 2015, 02:50:23 PM

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Hello, I'm trying to do the following:

If Firefox CPU usage is less than 1% for say 30 seconds, trim virtual memory.

When I tried to do that, it kept trimming infinitely.  :-\

I tried to stop that by setting another rule above the previous rule:

If Firefox virtual memory is less than say 70 MB, stop processing rules.

However, it seems that it causes none of the rules to run.  >:(

Is there any way to achieve this?


Hi, Have not used watchdog much but have you tried reversing the order in list ?

Put the CPU action first/top , not sure if that will help but it might .
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Thanks for replying.

I tried what you suggested but it continued trimming infinitely... :o

I think that if these 2 rules could be AND together, it should work...which I don't think is possible.


Right , I don't know how the code handles that , I would have to just try every action to see :(

Best to wait for Developer , he'll be by soon I am sure .
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Jeremy Collake

Hmm, let me see here.

First, to be sure, the rules are processed in ascending order, as shown in the dialog.

I'm not sure if Firefox.exe is meeting or exceeding these thresholds in CPU use and memory. I would guess it's continually found to be <1% CPU use over the last 30 seconds, thus causing it to keep trimming.

The first rule isn't going to stop the trim if the working set is immediately repopulated afterwards and exceeds 70Mb. This is often the case, so you'll need to carefully monitor the working set to determine a good value for that first rule.

Out of curiosity, is there a reason you're not using SmartTrim, which was more designed to do what you seem to want?

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Yeah, I see what you're saying and it does make more sense to use SmartTrim...oh well :-[

Thanks for the explanation!