customize what the system tray icon shows (without mouseover)

Started by 4EverMaAT, September 22, 2015, 01:08:34 AM

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I wanted the system tray icon to show the RAM usage or available ram, in graphical and also text (57 for 57% usage).  But I only see two options for the system tray icon:  system responsiveness and total CPU utilization.

Another request is to allow the mouseover to specify the full path and other details of a process in the actions log.  In the "All Processes" tab, I can mouseover a process and the tooltip gives me full details about that process, including the process path.

But in the actions log, the mouseover tooltips are very weak.

BTW, the forum doesn't allow users to upload images or embed them into post with the original post :(


The option of having numerical feedback for CPU usage via the icon would be very useful (for me at least - but other values could be shown)

Such as above, I have larger (50px), tray icons also with a higher screen DPI and all other tray utils that report the CPU usage are not suitable, they don`t work or look remarkably bad.

I don`t know if this low priority suggestion could be a possibility ?

Jeremy Collake

This is an oft-requested feature that I've hesitated to dive into. I need to take the time to write the code to dynamically draw the system tray icon with a numerical representation, or include 100 different static representations of it I suppose. In either event, I'll just say it's on my radar, but no promises at this time.

As for the OP, I see that one requested feature was enhancement of the weak Actions log tooltips. This is something I can, and will, address.
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