what if system services were controlled by PL?

Started by 4EverMaAT, September 21, 2015, 11:48:36 PM

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What if we unchecked "Do not act on system services".  How could this affect server (win2008 64 bit) or Win7 64 bit machines?


If you uncheck that then back ground processes as windows update etc will get restraint if CPU usage goes past trigger point .

So shouldn't hurt anything, but might make windows update (or any OS service) take longer .

I have run my system like that for while, no ill affects . But I would generally leave it checked by default .
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Yup, you can just un-tick it if you want to make sure it is always responsive, as sometimes the services will still bite the CPU. :)

PS:The services means the system services, not the Windows edition. ;)