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Started by ECS, August 01, 2008, 01:27:19 PM

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As discussed with Jeremy:

I am looking for a tool that does something like this:
1. present password dialog and start another program(remain resident and active in memory) and hook all file open/read access
2. when a file is opened for reading by this program, the tool will decrypt the opened (ascii) file and feed the output to the program(7bit en/decrypted)

For example you have software that saves license info into a plain ascii text file(or for example in the registry) but you don't want anyone to see the license number and still be able to use it so you can leave licensed software installed at a client without giving the client to ability to use it (unless they know the decryption password).

A real-time example working between 20 or more pc's and using 2 specific licensed tools which read the license from a .ini file, each time I leave a pc I have to wipe the .ini file to prevent someone else from using my license and again reconstruct the .ini file when I need my tool, this obvious is a pita.

Jeremy and me are looking for investors to cover development costs, a share of somewhere between 250-500$ (I have already committed for 1 share).

This tool is targeted at System managers, Support staff and other Technicians who use a variety of expensive licensed tools at client locations who don't want license keys disappearing of stolen, this tool will decrypt your license key(file) in memory and feed it to your tool as if it would have been read from a license file or registry, once exited or the pc is rebooted(or stolen) nothing can be recovered and the licensed tool(s) remains useless.
(without a big impact on the clients pc, such as using truecrypt)


As a sidenote here is how I work currently.
Start VFD and load a 2.88mb image which holds an encrypted SFX, run the SFX to extract license files and add the tools onto the a/b drive (if it fits after pe2compacting them).
VFD can be started without installation(ramdrive would be a good solution but requires installation/reboot) but VFD has a size limit...
Running everything from a stick works perfectly and leaves no license traces either but... you can't walk away without the risk someone nicks your stick. truecrypting the stick is no solution either since the truecrypt driver must be installed on the host. Windows fileencryption is often disabled on remote sites and therefor useless.
So a virtual drive without a sizelimit that can be started without installing or reboot just like VFD would be a solution but this doesn't exist.