Suggestion - what about disk I/O priopities ? and policies...

Started by snirh, May 27, 2010, 01:32:19 AM

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Sometimes there is a program that does not take a lot of CPU or memory but use a lot of disk I/O and the other programs will be slow and the PC unresponsive although there is no CPU problem...

My idea is to create disk I/O policies with low/medium/high priorities for programs so a program would get priorities for disk access.

on another note (just a thought), what about creating things that called "polices" that you can configure Pro-balance properties, Memory trimming, Disk I/O, Etc. and attach them to processes. there will be the default policy of curse...

Jeremy Collake

The 'policies' is something I'm actually planning to do, and part of a larger 'profile' system. More details on it later.

Only Windows Vista and 7 support I/O prioritization, and it is based on the initiating thread's priority, which is based on the process priority class (which the user or Process Lasso tweaks). I've looked into the idea of changing priority classes based on I/O throughput before, but am still considering the details and if this is something that should be done. There are also lots of different types of I/O, so differentiation between the I/O types would likely be mandatory. It would definitely add complexity.

In general, I/O bottlenecks are difficult to address. Even the Vista and Windows 7 the new I/O priorities don't make much difference, IMHO. I will keep thinking on it, and thanks for reminding me of it. I'll see what I can do in the future.. Its always in the back of my mind. I don't want to do something and it be ineffective or cause harm.. so it must be planned right.

Thanks for the feedback ;)
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