Author Topic: PECompact v2.90 released  (Read 19012 times)

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PECompact v2.90 released
« on: July 11, 2008, 03:50:03 PM »
Changes in 2.90
  • Fix.Core: Fix for infinite loop condition on some executables when merging sections is turned off, or certain sections are skipped (such as shared sections). This would literally cause compression to never end.
  • Fix.Core: Fix for some shared sections containing only NULL data getting optimized out (assimilated) and losing their shared status even when '/ssh:y' is given.
  • Change.Core: Changed /SkipSharedSections default value to 'Yes', as it should be.
  • Change.Core: Tweaking handling of section attributes when merging. Now only executable characteristics will be merged.

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