why does processlasso.exe access ISQSOLUTIONS.COM ?

Started by prosessilasso, May 18, 2010, 05:48:39 PM

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Jeremy Collake

This is nothing nefarious, don't worry. That is simply my web host (bitsum.com), and Process Lasso is doing an update check. These can be disabled in the 'Options / General Process Lasso settings / Product update options'. It should have asked you during install?  If you had said NO, but it still checked for updates, do let me know.

I've now added a description of the update check to the EULA, for the curious about exactly how the update check works:

Quote1. Privacy policy
We value your privacy and want to let you know this product does NOT violate it in any way. Process Lasso will OPTIONALLY check for updates every once and a while. It sends no personally identifiable information. It simply checks a web page that indicates the latest version available and where to get that version. The registration status (true or false) is also submitted to the web page, but no unique registration ID or information is sent. Your IP address is not stored in our database, though it probably is temporarily stored in a web server log somewhere. To disable this update check, simply turn the option off. You should be asked during the first install of the product. Later installs won't explicitly ask you again.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.


I said NO and the tickmark is OFF as I do NOT want to check for updates

It still attempts to access web.


Jeremy Collake

My final conclusion was that the only plausible way an undesired update check could have occurred is if the registry value for that setting was deleted by a registry cleaner. It would then have returned to its default state of TRUE. This explains why the GUI still showed it as disabled, as it thought it was because it hadn't tried to re-read the registry setting. I now default the update check to FALSE, to fix this. So, if this registry setting gets deleted, update checks will be disabled.

The reverse DNS doesn't work because of my shared hosting. It is bitsum.com's server.

I am now making this part of my standard regression tests, as I don't want anyone to freak out by a simple update check.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.