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Started by tcebob, May 21, 2010, 04:25:21 PM

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I just downloaded Process Lasso from Giveaway of the day, where it recieved positive reviews from most posters. Installed, registered fine. However, I was supposed to receive an email from Bitsum enabling me to set up a user name and password for the Bitsum home page. Never received, so cannot sign in. (This forum has a separate user name and password.) How can I get the email or otherwise register?

Jeremy Collake

This was a common misunderstanding. The activation code was displayed ON the web page after entering your email address, not emailed to you. I later realized that most users would expect the code to be emailed, since they had just entered their email address. I changed the page to just generate the code automatically, no email required. You remember the page address? Just refresh it... I don't want to paste it here.

Also, be SURE to get the GOTD edition of Process Lasso. The standard version on my site will not work for that promotion.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.


Thanks for your reply. I did find the activation code and entered it on the registration popup. It regestered fine and as far as I can tell, the product is registered.
What I was asking about was the ability to log on to the site, where it asks for my email and password. Without logging on I do not have access to Support, among other things. The Fail page suggests that I reset the password. When I tried, it reported that there was no such address on record.
Perhaps I should remove the program and reinstall?

Jeremy Collake

I see the confusion now. The Support system is not related to the email address you provided for the GOTD program. In fact, I quit collection email addresses for the GOTD activations a couple hours into it, as people we getting confused.

So, you have no account at the Support area, nor do you need one. That area lets paid customers download full editions of our software. For the GOTD program, I made a special edition (which will be updated with each new version). Therefore, you should be good to go, and everything fine.

To be clear, after activating your GOTD edition, the FULL capabilities of the software are available. So, it is the same as our full PRO version downloaded in the Support area.

When an update is issued, you will get a popup within Process Lasso. It will direct you to the download URL. You will download, install, and still be good (no re-activation required).

I hope this clears it up.. please let me know if you have any other questions.

Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.