User Interface Has Stopped Working Error

Started by CyberGhosT, November 07, 2015, 02:38:09 AM

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Once in a while in v. x64 I am getting this error message " User Interface Has Stopped Working " with the box that has the "Close Program" button.
It's maybe twice a week. I have a .DMP reader and the logs say the error is "unknown"
Anyone else having this User Interface Stopped Working ramdom crash ?

OS: Win 10 Pro v: 10240 x64
Lasso Pro v: x64
Other Programs :
MalwareBytes AM Pro (latest version)
Malwarebytes AE Pro  (latest version)
Emsisoft Internet Security 10  (latest version)
NetBalancer Pro  (latest version)


When is this happening at startup or after system is running for a while, also when you try to bring up GUI , what does it look like and is it frozen .

Pretty rare we get this kind of report FWIW .

You can try to do a clean install, remove your old profile somewhere else so its not used  and start fresh . See if that works with defaults rules only .

I see in your sig, list of AV type app, do you run multiple AV , if so that maybe a issue, make sure there all can set to exclude/disallow PL.exe
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Greetings edkiefer, and thanks for the reply.

1> After its been running for a bit, with no discernable pattern.

2> No change in UI's appearance

3> Havent attempted a clean install yet.

4> I do not run multiple AV apps, Emsisofy= AV app, Mbam= Malware scanner, Mbae= Anti Exploit (browser protection), NetBalancer= Internet control app

Later today I will attempt a clean install and run Ccleaner to cleanup any leftovers, and report back here. PeAcE


The clean re-install seems to have done the trick.
It's right as rain now, I had been updating over the old versions. Each update will be a clean install from here on out.


great that it works now, auto-update should be fine though , I use it all the time with each new version/beta and never had a issue .
Bitsum QA Engineer