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Does this vulnerability affect Process Lasso?

Started by basketliner, December 12, 2015, 02:10:05 PM

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“The company believes the issue is not limited to security solutions â€" it can affect any intrusive application, including performance monitoring and data leak prevention (DLP) solutions.”

Jeremy Collake

I don't think there is any vulnerability for Process Lasso here, but we do have on our short-term agenda adding more binary security measures, per this request:,5317.0.html

The only 'problem' is that Microsoft has me waiting until Jan 20 to switch to VS2015 due to a weird anomaly in the way my MSDN subscription was upgraded when it was renewed.

During this, we will be sure to do a full audit to make sure our code is as secure as it can be, as we periodically do.

Of course, this often comes at a price -- legacy compatibility. It's always a delicate balance.

We'll keep everyone updated, as always ;).
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I just tried ensilo's security vulnerability checker listed in the article here:

Apparently since I use Defender my system is not vulnerable to this type of attack.  8)