Portable version?

Started by M8R-mx4fjr, June 01, 2010, 12:35:27 PM

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Is the portable version ready?

Jeremy Collake

No, I haven't packaged it. I am working on finishing up some MUCH requested features in v3.89.0 beta (the next beta release). These will please everybody, as everybody can use them. I have not announced them at all yet, and don't plan to until I get them done.

Anyway, back to the subject. All that needs to be done is create a batch file (or executable) to launch ProcessGovernor.exe with the command line switches to specify a custom log and config file location. Then, launch ProcessLasso.exe doing the same. Now, there are going to be registry keys created on the system. I suppose I also need to add some switch to tell it to not save any registry settings for it to be considered 100% properly portable.

This is on my radar though, and has been for a long time. Every day there is just SO MUCH to do that I find it hard to make forward progress at times. The little things in life can quickly overwhelm you if you let them. That's why I'm focusing on PL v4 right now (which is what this new beta series will eventually turn into).
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