Isolating windows to selected cores

Started by empleat, October 04, 2020, 11:55:14 AM

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i read it is more popular to isolate windows to 1-2 cores etc. So it doesn't put its crap to cache. Also windows processes cause input lag. There is even program on steam for doing that, how ever i don't like having steam on all times, which cause input lag. And i noticed people on these forums do it. I read it shouldn't be problem to chance core affinity, how ever changing process priority can cause problems. With exception to some core processes, e.g. dwm. Even Process Lasso warns you there to not change affinity of this process. I started with some services, which are not core services. But can't be safely disabled, since there is a lot of clutter in Windows 10 and services have poor description and it could be used for something. Even service like One sync, or wpn service. Or you can't even disabled webhttpproxy in services.msc anymore.

So i set core affinity in process lasso and cpu affinity changed to 1 and it worked. However i noticed, that settings are resetting! There is 1 under rules tab, but under core affinity it shows 0-5 (same in task manager). So rules from process lasso don't work.

Anyone who did this, do you have any idea why it may not work? Thanks.


Hi, See if "Force mode" helps under options.

I also recommend not micromanaging your CPU affinities to much. I assume from your input latency comments your mainly a gamer, if so some games due to anti-cheat don't like messing with there processes. If your gaming+streaming and have enough cores then yes it can help to split affinities between game and streaming software.
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