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Started by Elwood, June 08, 2010, 10:51:41 PM

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I notice that my firewall interface process does not show in Process Lasso (obtained via GAOTD) yet it shows in both Process Explorer and Task Manager. The process is called op_mon.exe (Outpost free version).

I wonder why this is and would appreciate any help you may provide.

Thanks very much for a very fine program except for this oddity.

Jeremy Collake

Process Lasso ignores processes it has insufficient access to. Remember, it wasn't originally intended to replace a task manager.

You sound like a sophisticated user, so have probably already tried the 'Main / Manage processes of all users' option toggle (which I bold for any other readers of this thread that may have a similar problem but be less technically knowledgeable). Therefore, I must assume that this process has some self-protections imposed, which makes sense for security software. Since it is the same process always missing, this must be the explanation. It is probably best that Process Lasso can't 'see' it, and therefore doesn't mess with it.

All that said, missing processes can cause confusion, so what I'll try to do in the future is show these processes, but indicate in some way that the core engine will not be managing them due to insufficient permissions.

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Thanks very much for the explanation.

I very much look forward to the next version and know that Process Lasso is worth the money and if possible shall purchase the new version. I'm disabled and have to watch every penny though.

I have stated on another computer help forum that PL is one program worth its cost and encouraged others to try it.

I never knew PL existed before GAOTD featured it.


After turning of Outpost's self protection, op_mon.exe now appears in the process list.

If malware is able to terminate OP, then I had rather know it than not anyway.