Your SSMTP package doesn't work with Gmail... Please help, glue solution peaces.

Started by aviadra, July 25, 2010, 05:30:55 PM

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Hello Jeremy.
My name is Aviad.
I have just found out that you have created your own version of the SSMTP package.
Before i realized that, I have been using the SSMTP package provided on openwrt's "Repository Tracker" on DD-WRT, with hard-coded settings as it was meant to be for my use only.

I was using my company's hosted exchange server (mailstreet), I have done this of course using your mod-kit which is an absolutely awesome piece of work and 10,000 thanks just for it.

Lately I have switched ISPs and I am now unable to use the old configuration as my new ISP blocks the smtp port to mailstreet.
(The SOBs will not unblock it due to bureaucracy).

That is why i have opted to use Gmail for the SSMTP package instead.
I have decided that while i'm doing this again there is no reason to not try to make this as accessible to the public as possible(I have my own wiki for these things) and that means no more hard-coded settings, only to discover that you have already beaten me to the punch (in a good way ;)).

Trying to do so, first with the regular package and then with yours, failed due to "530 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first", which later on I found ment that both SSMTP packages do not support SSL communication.

Some digging led me to this page which reads:
QuoteYou need a version of ssmtp compiled with ssl support, the default with openwrt is without ssl support, which gives you that message.
This SSL enabled ssmtp ipkg can be found here.

At first using this SSL enabled SSMTP failed on DD-WRT because of a missing lib file called "".

Just a tiny bit more of digging revealed that the library can be installed separately  as it is available as an additional ipkg package here.

So now to the actual question...

Will you be willing to create an SSMTP ipkg package that will include the SSL enabled SSMTP executable and the "libopenssl" dependency?

Or at least point me to some instructions on how to do this on my own?

Update: just found the tiny reference to what seems to be exactly what i'm looking for here:

(Or in other words RTFM Aviad)

Will keep you updated and thank you in advance, Aviad.

Jeremy Collake

I don't have any affiliation with DD-WRT or SSTMP, and don't want to fiddle with either given my current responsibilities. However, my FMK's package rebuilding kit should allow you to do this on your own. The packages are just gzip'd tarballs, iirc (its been a while). If you have to rebuild ssmtp, then so be it (though you may try from an alternate source than DD-WRT, lol). You can always static link if you have shared library inconsistencies with DD-WRT.
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Its fine... I found everything i needed and i am gluing it all together.
Your ipk creator still works, and works well.

As i said, its not a matter of compiling anything, but it is a matter of finding the appropriate puzzle peaces and gluing them together.

I already have a ipk file that holds within it the TLS supporting SSMTP, the required dependencies (ssl libs) and init script (your ssmtp generator), that successfully works with your mod-kit ipk installer.

BTW i'm doing all of this because DD-WRT have stopped supporting ipkg and at least my long time love "knockd" has been almost completely broken because of it.
So i figured that if i'm going to create a new package for SSMTP why not create instructions for the generations?
(although one might argue, why use DD-WRT at all if your working so hard for it :)) )

So once i'm done all the modifications, updates and QA-ing, i'll create a new wiki page on my site that will go over the steps one by one on how to use your mod-kit to install the Gmail+TLS_SSMTP, supporting package i have created with at least one more package, my beloved "knockd".
May even go all out and make a youtube vid about it like i have in the past (look for if your interested).

As I said, will keep you posted and will credit you where need be.

Jeremy Collake

I don't understand if we're clear that:

  • I have nothing to do with the development of DD-WRT
  • I have nothing to do with the development of SSMTP
  • I have never worked on either of these two projects

My Firmware Mod Kit is not related to DD-WRT, or for DD-WRT. DD-WRT just happens to be supported by it. Do you understand? Your message made it sound like you did not, but perhaps something was lost in translation.

Sorry I can not be of more help, and good luck.
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Well yes, i understand that you have not created any part of DD-WRT or the SSMTP package.

With that said, I was referring to the SSMTP ipk package in here.

At the very least the files in there, call you "dada"... ya know what i mean?

Anyhow what i have taken from it is limited to the init script (and that's now overhauled).

I hope this brings us to the same page, correct me if I am still missing something.

Jeremy Collake

Ok, I see now. Those packages were put together as samples. Of course I didn't author the packages, we are just speaking of putting them together (building them). Someone needed those at the time, so I provided them. I long forgot about it ;o.
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I'm glad we got this sorted :)

I guess this quote is appropriate:
"There's nothing you can make that can't be made."

i'm going to have to make something that has already been made, but i'll do it my way, A? ^_^

Jeremy Collake

Nicely done - Good detail, clarity, and format ;).
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.