suggestion for the new PL v.4

Started by johnw, August 08, 2010, 04:39:58 AM

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I apologize in advance if there is a section devoted to suggestions to future developments that I missed so I posted my suggestion here! I was wondering what you you think of adding  say the top 3 CPU intensive processes/applications running to the popup window that you get when mouse is on the icon in the notification area. Currently it show process lasso version; Responsiveness (which for me is always at 100%); current CPU load; and Memory. I am aware the information can be found by opening the main program but it would be more convenient  to the user. Also maybe you could think about including a log over a time period of the  most resource hogging applications and how often Process Lasso had to intervene to restrain them. The log  would be in a summary form ordered by process and maybe ordered by number of interventions. Also how about the graph having an option to show the process(es) using the most CPU. Thanks for taking time to read this.

Jeremy Collake

These are good suggestions, and all would be nice. I will see what I can regarding all of them, but some may wait until v4.5. I have to make sure I implement them efficiently, and already have a lot scheduled for v4 (its already behind schedule). These would be great UI improvements though, and make the GUI much more intuitive.

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll see what I can do for ya as soon as possible ;)
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