Process Lasso GUI inaccessible under Windows XP

Started by Suetonius, August 31, 2016, 06:57:30 PM

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Hi, I have some problems running Process Lasso under Windows XP Professional. Changing settings like start options (Options / General settings / Process Lasso startup options) or disabling process icons which requires an automatic restart by PL leads to a hanging process of processlasso.exe. I can see the process in my task manager but the window is inaccessible. My system: Intel Pentium 4, Windows XP Professional, Process Lasso Pro x32. I know it's an old system but it works without any problems except the problems with the new versions of PL. A clean install did not change anything. Only manually closing and restarting of processlasso.exe helps. Hope you can help me and fix it. Thanks in advance  :-\


Anybody out there having similar problems mentioned in the post above? If you still have such problems, then please leave a message. Thanks  :)


Yes, that can happen in XP, I just tested on my end.
But I have to say once you setup PL one time you never should run into this again, even when doing a upgrade.
On upgrade just untick the startup option in installer and will use last settings that was used.
You never need to do clean install with PL, over the top is fine for all updates.
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