Window 10 metro/built-in app.

Started by edkiefer, June 20, 2016, 07:08:05 AM

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Now that I have been using win10 a while, it might be good idea to "mark" the built in ones so there easy to find in list.
I found out few things on these as there very dynamic ,but they also are not to troubling in having them run as most times they go to suspend mode.
One easy way to do this is just use there path (C:\Windows\SystemApps\xxxxxx ) and mybe put a (metro app) text marker after these app.

I also read that reason and how they load has to do with them getting loaded into prefetch/super-fetch .

Also mark it properly in status column running>suspended.
And last it might be a good option to not show metro/suspended apps as they can run for a reason depending on your system (updates, notifications, etc).
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Talking about Metro apps, I found that if the Edge browser hang, my mouse cursor just went under them.
And the gsmarena website has the effect that will made the graphic driver unstable, and draw a effect that will over anything and showing on the screen, but you can't screenshot it. ;D

Anyways, back to topic.
Ya, maybe also showing their Titlebar name too?

For example, Facebook and Messenger are using "WinUAPEntry.exe" as their name, I really... they also bundle a unstable Webkit engine with them too. :P

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I agree, this is a good suggestion. As with most things, it's a matter of getting it done, but I'll absolutely keep it in mind. I don't want to publicly say more, but there is one thing I hope to implement that will make such distinctions important.
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