How do I know if Process Lasso is working?

Started by max, June 06, 2016, 09:38:37 AM

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I am not sure if my Process Lasso is working.


Quote from: max on June 06, 2016, 09:38:37 AM
I am not sure if my Process Lasso is working.
Hi  max , that is good question and answer will vary depending on Hardware (system specs) and what app you are running.

I will assume you installed and left it all in default config.
The easy way to tell is look at your log (Action log or log view), you should see some actions going on in your daily activity , but again it will depend on how you use your system and what you have running. In general the more CPU bound (high CPU%) your running apps with more multi-tasking in your work, you see more action in log.
Anyway, look for lines like xxx.exe - Process priority temporarily lowered by Probalance.
You can also just check Insights (button down on action log, it will show most active restraint processes.
There also a lot more to ProcessLasso than just Probalance but that depends on your needs.

The default config settings  is a very good starting point and nothing wrong with leaving it set like that, that is the  preferred setup.
That said, we can maybe give suggestions depending on what you use your system for mainly.
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And don't forget the CPUEater Demo -- . While ProBalance is only one of many Process Lasso features, it is one that is easy to demonstrate in synthetic and real-world tests.
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