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Started by Ramesh, March 23, 2024, 11:31:29 AM

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In Park Control if I choose to use 1: Performant Cores does this force only Performant Cores and doesn't use any Efficient Cores? Or if it needs to will use some Efficient Cores if needed? My issue is BF2042 game is very bad on Efficient Cores. Also forcing Efficiency Mode doesn't help as BF2042 still goes into E-Cores. I've tried CPU Sets and CPU Affinity both have not worked well in regard to hit registration.
So, I've gone to BIOS and turned of E-Cores which worked well. Only issue this game eats 100% usage on my 13900KS with a RTX 3080 when E-Cores are turned off. So, I'm left trying this new solution with Performant core forced via Park Control.
So, my question is how does this rule set with 1: Performant Cores work with Windows 11?

As always thank you.

0: All processors
1: Performant processors
2: Prefer performant processors
3: Efficient processors
4: Prefer efficient processors
5: Automatic

Option 1
Short Threads - Performant Cores
Long Threads - Performant Cores


After testing it seems once I put the game BF2042 1: Performant Cores it only uses P-Cores. No E-Cores are being utilized. Also the CPU usage is at 70% better than when it was 100% with E-Cores off in the BIOS.

My question is which threads belong to gaming primarily vs background tasks

- Long threads: "always P cores"
- Short threads: "always E cores" or "prefer E cores"

Are Long threads for gaming or Short threads?

Which is better prioritized for gaming Long or Short or both?


However, it's important to note that the behavior can vary depending on the specific processor model and its firmware implementation. While selecting the "Performant Cores" option should prioritize performance cores, it doesn't guarantee that efficient cores won't be used at all. In situations where the system requires additional processing power or when the workload demands it, the operating system might still allocate tasks to efficient cores if necessary.