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Started by chris635, July 06, 2016, 03:32:58 PM

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Hi Jeremy,

    I know your busy, and this is trivial, but for a while now I have had to add origin (actually h:\program files (x86)\origin games\* for my setup) to game mode. Is there any way to do this like steam is set up for, in processlasso with child process's?


Jeremy Collake

Sorry I did not answer sooner. Where does the time go?

You can add origin to the list of game processes, or that path, but as for the treatment of it's children, that's a mod I need to work on.

I will just add better Origin auto-support I think. I'm putting it on the list now. As I get to it, I'll reply again.

I do have a lot going on. Remember - if you need a response, go for tier 1 support systems, I check those several times a day. I guess I'm just too worn out after all that to visit the forum as much as I should. I am training someone to help with support part time to take some of that load off.

Anyway, uProBalance and Process Lasso v9 are both pending (limited access early alpha builds available). I'll have this mod in both ASAP.
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Its cool...take your time. I was curious if it was on your radar to set up origin like steam is for processlasso. My setup for it works fine. Looking forward to version 9!