Configure default I/O priorities has a wildcard path match issue

Started by Pelle Positiivi, August 23, 2016, 09:39:45 PM

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Pelle Positiivi


Default CPU priorites with a path works: DefaultPriorities=g:\steamlibraryssd\steamapps\common\*,above normal
But default I/O priorities with a path doesn't work, tried the same exact path: DefaultIOPriorities=g:\steamlibraryssd\steamapps\common\*

I have this set: MatchWildcardsToPathnames=true

I tried default I/O priorities with a filename (without path), that works fine but with the path it doesn't. What gives?


Because you are missing the I/O Priority?
I only saw the path, not the I/O Priority that you want to set. ;)

It should be something like this. :)

Yup, tested with path that having wildcards, it is not working. ;D

Jeremy Collake

Thanks guys, I assume Ed documented this and forgot to reply here. I will be on this ASAP!
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I got distracted on this one, I did take quick look and because in I/O priority there not easy path additive (add button).
I meant to recheck afterwards.

Anyway, I can confirm real paths don't work in both priorities and I/O, you need just exe name.
Its in Goggledocs now.
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