Useful Memory Compression that might make you hard to debug memory issues

Started by BenYeeHua, September 10, 2016, 07:32:26 PM

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Just saying sometimes that happen on my laptop, so as I went to upgrade to Windows 10 1607, I found a new touchpad driver and update to it.
And well, it(ETDCtrl.exe) was memory leak silently on the background, and lucky it is empty data, while unlucky Windows 10 choose to compress it...

Then a week ago, I just saw the strange commit size is increased while the RAM usage never increased, the PageFile usage is also very low, and it is showing it has compressed 1-3GB of data, which is a lot! :o
The leak is also not showing in the ETDCtrl.exe private or working set, it is not showing as Paged pool as it is not leak by driver, I think it might be not showing because it is compressed... ???
So the only clue that I has, is I updated this driver while I update Windows 10 1607. :P

So ya, I think MS should provide a function to disable Memory Compression via BCDedit, for debug, not just silently compressed leak empty data, and not letting the user know.  ;)