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Process Lasso v4 Released
« on: November 15, 2010, 01:51:03 PM »
This long awaited major upgrade to Process Lasso is finally here! MAJOR changes below. Minor changes are too numerous to list here (see complete revision log, but even it doesn't contain them all).

  • Better Vista/2008/7 integration - Process Lasso runs elevated (by default) with no UAC prompts at startup
  • New Process Watchdog to terminate, restart, or change affinity of a process exceeded X CPU or Memory for Y time
  • Switch to new Activation Code licensing system, and no more timed nags
  • Faster GUI open from system tray
  • Better GUI support for systems with up to 32 CPUs
  • Ability to override hard-coded ProBalance exclusions
  • Even MORE multi-threaded than before
  • Even more intelligent and efficient core engine
  • Completely rewritten system tray balloon notifications with event grouping and more (disabled by default)
  • New process restraint history (and current status) column in GUI
  • New inter-process communication framework handles all communication between instance(s) of the core engine and GUI
  • MUCH more...

Best of all, we did this WITHOUT increasing CPU use of the GUI or governor. We compared the old and new versions in identical test beds. The CPU utilization was virtually identical. The governor continues to barely use any CPU or memory at all, and the GUI uses much less CPU and memory than any other third-party task manager you'll find.




Registered/licensed users: Download the standard edition if you want, then activate it using the Activation Code assigned to you in the Support area of our web site. If you have any troubles, please email us.

Full revision history:
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